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Articles of Clerkship

In order to complete your legal training and be admitted as an Attorney-at-Law, a final stage of legal training is required. This stage of training involves Articles of Clerkship ("Articles") with a practicing Attorney-at-Law who is at least five years qualified (at least two of which has been in the Cayman Islands). Trainees are taught the practical experience in differing aspects of legal work by completing an 18 month period of Articles.

In order to be eligible to register for Articles, the following conditions will need to be satisfied (See Regulations 16 and 17 of the Student Regulations):

  • attain the age of 18; and
  • possess Caymanian status within the meaning provided in the Immigration Law (2015 revision); or
  • attain the consent in writing of the Cabinet for registration.

In order to apply for Articles, you will also need to furnish evidence of the following:

  • passed the PPC or courses recognised as equivalent by the Council (e.g. the LPC or BPTC in the UK);
  • of suitable character and fitness to be an articled clerk;
  • the intended term of articles under your employer, and;
  • the original executed Articles with a certificate provided by the Attorney General.

The Student Regulations have also been amended in 2017 to allow Articled Clerks to pursue a Judicial Clerkship, which may count towards the 18 months of Articles.

For more information on pursuing a Judicial Clerkship see Judicial Clerkship Programme.

Upon successful completion of your Articles, you may, subject to the discretion of the Director of the Law School, be conferred an Attorney-at-law certificate. This will mark the completion of your legal training and enable you to apply for admission as an Attorney-at-law in the Cayman Islands under section 3 (1) of the Legal Practitioner's Law (2015 Revision).