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How to Become an Attorney

The admission and regulation of Attorneys-at-law in the Cayman Islands is governed by the following laws and regulations:

Caymanians seeking a career in the legal profession will need to complete three stages of academic and professional training in order to be admitted as an Attorney-at-law in the Cayman Islands.  These are:

1) Academic Stage

2) Vocational Stage

3) Articles of Clerkship

For more information on each stage, please click on the relevant tab above.

Alternatively, those who have already been admitted as a barrister/solicitor/attorney in England and Wales, Scotland, Jamaica or certain other Commonwealth jurisdictions which have been recognised as being equivalent (e.g. Australia, Canada and New Zealand) may also be admitted as an Attorney-at-law in the Cayman Islands.

There are various legal scholarships and training available to Caymanians to facilitate each stage of their legal professional development.  For more information, please go to the "Legal Scholarships and Training" section of this website.