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Concise Guide to the Cayman Islands Constitution

The Student Chapter of the Caymanian Bar Association prepared a "Concise Guide to the Cayman Islands Constitution".

  1. What is the Cayman Islands Constitution?

The Cayman Islands Constitution is a written master plan of governance for the Cayman Islands. It is the fundamental law of the country and contains the principles and rules upon which the government is founded. It regulates the divisions of sovereign powers, directing to which persons or institutions each of these powers is delegated and the manner in which it is to be exercised. As a British Overseas Territory, the Cayman Islands are under the sovereignty of the Crown. There are two sources of power, Her Majesty the Queen in Parliament (United Kingdom) and the Royal Prerogative. The first Constitution Order in Council issued specifically for the Cayman Islands was made on 13 May 1959. The current Cayman Islands Constitution came into force on 6 November 2009 ...

Please also visit Know Your Constitution (a website provided by the Cayman Islands Constitutional Commission) for more information.

Download the full Guide below.

DOWNLOAD Published on March 11, 2011.