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Code of Conduct for CBA Members

The Caymanian Bar Association has adopted a Code of Conduct for Cayman Islands Attorneys-at-law as the professional code of conduct for its membership.


The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to provide guidance for attorneys-at-law in the Cayman Islands and those who provide Cayman Islands legal advice outside the Cayman Islands (both for the purposes of this publication called "attorneys"). It is not exhaustive, but instead seeks to define the bounds within which an attorney can practice the profession. Observance of those bounds, and managing all aspects of practice within them involves the acceptance of the basic principle of professional responsibility.

The Commentary does not add obligations to the 'Rules' (as set out below) but provides guidance for practicing in compliance with the Rules. In this publication words importing the masculine gender include the feminine gender ... 

Download the full Code of Conduct below.

DOWNLOAD Published on November 16, 2011.